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We should learn from Hong Kong

 Hong Kong’s government is doing right  instituting  a temporary 50 percent salary tax reduction for 1.4 million taxpayers on Feb. 25. Also announced increased spending on infrastructure, as part of a plan to bolster the economy, which faces its first full-year contraction in more than a decade. John Tsang, Financial Secretary, said In a budget speech to lawmakers,   one-off tax cut, effective for 2008-09, would be capped at HK$6,000 (US$774) for salary earners and cost about HK$4.1 billion (US$528.8 million). The government also plans to spend HK$39.3 billion (US$5 billion) on capital works projects for 2009-10, as well as HK$1.6 billion (US$206.3 million) over 3 years to create 62,000 jobs and internships, and it will launch a program selling government bonds. Tsang said Hong Kong will run budget deficits for the next five years. US government should learn from  Hong Kong

Best explanation of the market crises I've seen yet

A farmer sent his 18 year old son to town and, as a birthday present, handed him a duck.
"See if you can get a girl in exchange for this," he said.
In town, the lad met a prostitute and said, "It's my birthday and all I've got is this duck. Would you be willing to..."
"Sure," she said. "I'm sentimental about birthdays. And besides, I've never owned a duck." Afterwards, she said, "Do you know, for a 18 year old, you're quite a lay. If you do it again, I'll give you back your duck."
"Sure," said the boy.
When his pleasurable work was through, the lad started on his way home. While he was crossing the main street in the village, the duck suddenly flew out of his hands and was hit by a passing beer truck. The driver of the truck felt sorry for the boy and gave him $2.
When the lad returned home, his father asked, "Well, how did you make out?" His son replied, "Heck, I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and two bucks for a fucked-up duck!"

The boy now works for Goldman Sachs



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Finding the right residential or commercial real estate loan can be a maze of facts, figures and companies. Lending Universe will help solve that maze for you. Our network of registered lenders includes brokers, private investor and real estate investor firms, and leading financial institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. This vast network of institutions and investors is given instant access to your real estate loan application, which guarantees the best financial deal for each and every Lending Universe client.

Application forms for hard money loans, commercial real estate loans and mortgage loans can be complicated and long. The Lending Universe application process is the definition of simplicity. With our secure, integrated software, all your information is safe from outside infiltration, plus your commercial lender application can be completed and submitted in just a few minutes. Simple, effective, secure and trustworthy, your real estate loan application is always in safe hands when you deal with Lending Universe.

Another great service offered by Lending Universe is the loan control center. Specifically designed to keep track of your real estate loan applications as well as any hard money loans applications, this is a great tool for any client. With this excellent facility, if your loan meets the criteria you can receive between 4-6 bids and a letter of interest for your residential or commercial real estate loan. For your convenience, we ensure that any interest is emailed to you directly.

Lending Universe is committed to securing the best hard money loans and commercial real estate loans for each and every client. With your loan control center, your loan is of paramount importance and until your deal is closed, it remains active. Unlike other online services, our commitment is guaranteed. Commercial real estate loan, residential real estate loan, or hard money loans, whatever your needs, just fill in our simple, effective, secure and integrated application forms and just wait for the results.

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